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Apprentice Appointments

At Chandler and Hall we are passionate about training and development of every member of our team. As part of this on-going training we also offer 'Apprentice Appointments'. Your appointment will be with our team Apprentice and overseen by one of our experienced stylists as part of our training programme. Not only a great value way to achieve the style, cut and colour you desire, but you will also be helping develop the skills and expertise of the next generation of stylists, thank you!

Silent Appointments

Whilst we love to have a chat with our clients, we understand that sometimes you might just want to enjoy your hair cut or treatment in relative peace and quiet, without feeling you need to make conversation with your stylist. When making your appointment, please notify us that you would prefer a 'Silent Appointment' and we will make a note of this as part of you booking. Once we have talked through your styling requirements, we will then let you enjoy your visit without the need for any further conversation.

Below you will find our price list, which includes VAT at 20%. Don't forget to pick up a loyalty card if it is your first visit the salon.

A £30.00 deposit is pre-payable on appointments with a value of £50.00 or more.

Silent Appointments
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At Chandler & Hall we understand that each and every one of our clients is different, so we’ll work with you to personalise your style to suit your exact needs. All our hand-picked stylists have plenty of experience and expertise with cutting and colour, so if you’re in need of a little inspiration please talk to us and we will be very happy to work with you to achieve the look you desire.


If you've seen a style you like and wondering if it might suit you, please bring along any pictures that you have.



Following a change in industry-wide guidance, it is now required to do a colour patch test prior to ANY colour service whether a new colour client or existing one. The new Allergy Alert Test (AAT) is compulsory, 48-hours prior to your colour appointment. Please speak to us about this AAT test when making your appointment. 

Glowwa & K18

Have you heard about GLOWWA hair supplements yet?

We are now proud stockists of a Glowwa. Glowwa is supplement that clients can take to aid hair health and help address hair loss. Hair loss is becoming more and more of a problem and this is one way we recommend to maintain the best possible hair health. After consistent use consumers (and our team too!) have reported; healthy hair growth, reduced shedding, increased shine and condition, stronger nails and improved general wellbeing.


Please speak to your stylist for more information. 

K18 Hair Masks

When hair gets damaged the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inner structure of hair strands become weakened and break. Elasticity and strength is compromised and hair loses its resiliency and shine.


K18 luxury salon treatment which we offer in-salon. However we also offer a take home leave-in mask. K18 is an excellent treatment to reverse hair damage. 

Please speak to your stylist for more information.

Cutting & Styling

Technical Services

Foiling Services

Hair Extensions

Our high-quality Hair Extensions provide fullness, volume and length. By working only with quality brands our tape extensions are long-lasting and suitable for all types of hair including fine and weak hair.

Please contact us for pricing for your particular requirements. Prices start from £50.00.

Kids Cutting & Styling


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